This Woman-Owned Business Is Introducing Organic Beverages to a Food Desert in Richmond

Liquified Juicery is making good-for-you drinks in the East Bay

Liquified Juicery in an East Bay supermarket (Photo: Courtesy of Liquified Juicery)

Walk around here and you’ll see more McDonald’s and Pizza Huts than produce markets or gardens.

For half a decade, I’ve lived on the San Pablo and Richmond border in the house my wife’s grandmother was raised — next to the train tracks, in a neighborhood that is surrounded by concrete, graffiti, chain link fences, and automotive shops. Around here, going to the store on foot means walking to get Taki’s, fried chicken, or any other highly processed food. And if you’re pulling a juice out of these fridges, expect a high dosage of sugar and high fructose more than actual fruit.

Founder and owner of Liquified Juicery, Ashley Comora (Photo: Courtesy of Liquified Juicer)

When I think about spending hard-earned money on something like fresh juice, I remind myself that it’s an investment in my longevity and that the money is going towards sustaining not only my family but also an independently-owned business.

Having lived in this area for many years, Comora was conscious of this choice, and it influenced her desire to help bring awareness to the issue.

The Green Alkalizer (Photo: Courtesy of Liquified Juicer)
Sunset Immunity (Photo: Courtesy of Liquified Juicer)

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