Photos from San Francisco’s Holi Celebration, the Indian Festival of Colors

On Saturday, April 1, hundreds converged upon the California College of the Art’s campus to participate in San Francisco’s largest Holi celebration, the Indian festival of colors that marks the arrival of spring. Attendees of all ages arrived in droves, dressed in all-white clothing and eager to partake in the color fight. Volunteers handed out nontoxic starch-based pigments by the handful, and before long, the parking lot erupted into a vibrant display of color, laughter and dance. Several food trucks were on-site to provide refreshments to the color revelers, and dance entertainment was provided by local dance troupe Nachle SF. All benefits from the Holi celebration went toward Asha for Education, a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that works to catalyze socioeconomic change in India through education. Here are some of the best and most colorful shots of the day.

All photos and text by Kristi Chan.